Who Is Favored to Win the MLS in 2024?

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the winner in the MLS 2024 season. If we compare early seasons, Seattle Sounders is the favorite team for many fans. Previously, the team experienced payoffs but was considered the best one. But now, in 2024, the teams in this season are battling to win the season and get the beautiful cup in their hands. Millions of people have already glued their eyes on this season and keep on betting to make money.

You must visit GambleUSA for more information. You can also join gambling platforms to participate in this season and bet on your favorite team. Everyone wants to know the most favored team in this season. People want to know the winning odds of every team, including the predictions and possibilities. In the following write-up, we will discuss the teams favored in the MLS 2024 season.

Favorite MLS Cup Teams



If you want to know about the best league franchise like Seattle, then you must know about LAFC.

This team is playing in this season for the second time, and it is performing well to get the cup.

Steve Cherundolo is working as a manager in the team. The beginning of the team was quite good, and the manager gave the team two impressive wins.

There was a draw match with Portland, and now, many people are expecting that LAFC will win the cup. The winning odds of this team are equally as compared to other teams. This year, there are better chances of having a cup in their hands.

2. New England Revolution


Last season, New England Revolution won the Supporter’s Shield. After that season, the team was considered as one of the best teams, and hence, there are chances of winning this season too.

New England Revolution is making a new record by making new points in a single season. But in the second round, NYCFC upset the team. But still, the teams won four points by playing three games. New England Revolution is ready to play in the new season with better chances of winning.

3. Seattle Sounders


In the last season, Seattle Sounders did not perform well. But now, the team is ready to perform with great energy. It is an excellent team to bet, and it is considered one of the best and most stable franchises. In the previous weekend, the team lost many games back-to-back. Most probably, Seattle Sounders will start new rounds with the aim of getting better performance.



This team is known for its winning in the last MLS season. It was the first time when NYCFC won the season. Again, the team is ready to make the shot. Last time, NYCFC beat Portland Timbers in the final round by winning the penalties.

The coach of the team, Ronny Delia, believes that they can also win the trophy this time. But if we talk about previous victories, then it is a popular name in many soccer events. There are higher chances of winning this season as it is one of the strongest teams in this season.

Working of MLS

There is a different schedule of MLS seasons as compared to other European leagues. It is categorized into two parts, i.e., Western Conference and Eastern Conference. The winner will be the one who will win in these two leagues. There is a finish line for the conference qualification, and if any team can make it, the team will win the season. The winner will get the MLS Cup, and the whole team will lift the cup together and make their country.

Currently, there are four teams left in the season that are competing against each other. People across the globe are fans of these teams. They are betting on their favorite players and hoping for them to win the cup. When it comes to choosing the favored one, four teams compete well.

Strategy to Win the MLS Cup


There are a few weeks left to end this MLS season. People have glued their eyes on every team’s performance, and they are predicting the favorite team that will win the game. If we compare all the teams, there are many ups and downs that one can easily notice. It is hard to pick the one that will make it at the end. These teams have many hidden gems, and they can become dark horses in the current season.

Already, people have their favorite players in their mind, on which they are betting heavily. Many betting platforms are busy managing this season. People across the globe want to know the results quickly. Different teams are making strategies to win the MLS cup. Therefore, everyone has to wait for a few weeks to see what will happen in this season.

The conference markets are the best places to start for a bettor. If you want to get cash as per MLS predictions, you must bet your money on your favorites. You have to calculate the probability of the most favored winning team to make money.

Undoubtedly, anything can happen in the end. You must understand how things are happening in this season to make money through betting. You have to dig this season thoroughly to predict this season’s best team.

The Bottom Line

It is pretty challenging to say who will be going to win the MLS cup. There are four teams left in the tournament, and the game will exist for a few weeks. If you want to know the most favorable one, you have to explore the tournament thoroughly. Consider all the odds and determine the team that will make it to the cup.

You need to evaluate the probability of the winning team before you bet on any player. You must know whether you are investing your money in the right team or not. People around the world are eagerly waiting for the winner of this MLS season. You have to keep yourself updated.