7 Reasons Why Michael Jackson Is The King of pop

What title comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘Michael Jackson’? Obviously, ‘the King of Pop’. But have you ever wondered what facts made him the King? We’ll be revealing the 7 facts why Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.

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Michael never missed a chance to win the hearts of his audience since his childhood. The passion little Jackson had at the young age was the same, in fact, more when we see the King of Pop at his youth and during his maturity years.

His dance, his legacy, his fans, his records, everything about Michael is actually an inspiration to the generations. The world still remembers him in good words, numerous singers and dancers follow him and it doesn’t seem at all that he’s gone. He excelled in every possible way and influenced millions of people around the world with his music, energy, and enthusiasm. Breaking the records seemed a piece of cake for Jackson because he put faith in everything he did. Below are the key facts, the world recognize him as the King of Pop.

1. The Moonwalk

Michael Jackson’s moonwalk is his signature dance step which distinguishes him from the rest of the pop stars. Certain dancers use the moonwalk in their dance steps which display the kingdom of Michael on the pop industry.

2. Apart from women, grown men were crazy for him

7 Reasons why Michael Jackson is King of pop -1

Usually, for a guy, girls are crazier than boys but Michael is one of the few artists in the concerts of whom we have seen boys screaming out of their lungs and fainted as well. His magical obsession had a strong influence

3. Three albums as bestsellers

7 Reasons why Michael Jackson is King of pop -2

Michael Jackson’s three music albums have been the best sellers of all time. 1: Thriller (109 million) 2: Dangerous (32 million) 3:  BAD (30 million). The various songs of each album set records on various charts.

3. Immortal Legacy

7 Reasons why Michael Jackson is King of pop -3

Despite the fact Michael Jackson is no more with us, it is impossible to say that his legacy has been buried with him. He is one of the artists who didn’t stop earning after passing away in fact, by 2016 his earnings were $825 million USD.

4. Favorite of generations

7 Reasons why Michael Jackson is King of pop -4

Jackson has been loved by generations. Looking back in the ’70s and 80’s when most probably our parents our grandparents were young, Michael’s fame was at its peak but the situation was same in the 90s, 2000’s as we, ourselves are crazily in love with him.

5. Grammy record-setter

7 Reasons why Michael Jackson is King of pop -5

Winning one Grammy is quite significant and special for any artist but Michael Jackson is one of the Grammy record-setters which means he is among the most Grammy-awarded celebrities in history.

6. Most experienced pop artist

7 Reasons why Michael Jackson is King of pop -6

Starting singing and dancing at the age of 5 and started his solo career at the age of 13. this makes him the most experienced pop artist. Dead at the age of 50, he had a career of 45 years which is quite impressive.