Billie Eilish Warns Followers About Fake Snapchat Account

Billie Eilish Warns Followers About Fake Snapchat Account-1

The popular American singer, Billie Eilish warns her followers to stay careful about the fake Snapchat accounts running in her name. The Bad Guy singer is known to be in headlines for her social media presence.

The singer realized that some unsocial elements are misusing her online presence on Snapchat.

A few hours ago, the singer took her Instagram and told her how her identity is being misused on Instagram. She wrote, “Some people are pretending to be me on Snapchat.”

“I do not use Snapchat to talk to anyone,” she clarified.

Warning her fans, the singer added, “If you think you’re talking to me, it is not me I promise you.”

“No matter what they say to convince you… On my entire familys life, I am not talking to you through Snapchat. It is not me,” she emphasized.

She even said sorry to the ones who are already been scammed. “I am sorry to those who have been scammed,” she wrote.

Billie Eilish Warns Followers About Fake Snapchat Account

Well! while several celebrities are taking their social media to spread awareness on Covid-19 and social distancing, Eilish too took her Instagram to share positive words with her followers in this rigorous times.

She posted small videos of herself, on Instagram, explaining fans to take the Coronovirus pandemic seriously. She told how people are still roaming carefree without realizing the seriousness of the issue.

She kept her Instagram stories as a highlight on her profile to make sure that her positive words reach to as many people as possible. She named this highlight as “Real Talk”.

Even before posting a warning about the fake Snapchat account, she shared a post on her Instagram which includes a picture of people roaming around and states, “If u wonder why we are still in isolation in July, as many of these entitled, smooth-brained idiots.”

Considering the severity of the issue, the singer also postponed her music tour “WHERE DO WE GO?” which was scheduled for March.

“It is with great sadness to announce the following Billie Eilish ‘WHERE DO WE GO’ North American tour dates have been postponed until further notice. Details on postponed dates to be announced soon. All tickets will be honored for the new dates,” she shared via Twitter.