The 10 Most Influential People of the 21st Century

Some people are born to rule the hearts of people, every century has experienced some strongest people who are born to rule. They are masters of their talent and make sure they embed their persona in the hearts of people around the world. It’s no easy task to be the people’s choice; it takes a lot of hard work and will power to make sure that people believe in you.

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Although, these people are gifted with the skills and they polish those skills, shining among billions of people on this globe. These influential people of the 21st century needs no introduction as you have chosen them to be here and they are chosen among us, they are equally human as we are, we may feel that they have come out of the world connections and some are actually believed that they are not the inhabitants of Earth due to the extraordinary talents that they pose. Here is the top 10 most famous celebrity of the twenty-first Century whom you can’t deny for being on this catalog.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

Rest in peace! Mr. Michael Jackson, you have been a sensation and still a motivation for young budding talent. No one can deny the fact that the Micheal Jackson was the world’s best dancer, singer, and musician, that people have seen in 21st century, with his amazing dance and singing skills he left the world breathless, his recorded performances are still seen and copied by millions, who are still trying to be at least 1% of what Mr. Jackson was. His Moonwalk has no comparison to any other dance step in this era and you can’t deny that at least once in a day you still try to Moonwalk the way he used to do. He’s not with us, his memories are and will be forever cherished in our hearts.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

Superhuman Cristiano Ronaldo is aging back; according to the recent reports he is as fit as a 16-year-old. Often known by CR7 is the supreme most and highest-paid soccer players. Aged 33, soccer player worth $450 million. Loved by all CR7 loves to be humble as he knows what it takes to be at the height of success. His dedication and hard work are always quoted as an example for others. He has the lion’s share of love from fans in a footballer and they accolade him in numerous ways, but you will be amazed to know that the University of British Columbia in Okanagan named a course after his name in 2015. Born on 5th February 1985, he’s happily married having four kids.

3. Elon Musk

Elon Musk Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

In this world of technology, Elon Musk is a renowned name, he’s an investor, entrepreneur, and engineer. If you have ever heard or read about SpaceX, Elon is the Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX, he also Architect, products for Tesla and co-founded PayPal. With a worth of net $22.8 billion, Ellon Musk loves to invest his money in new talents and products that are environmentally friendly and helps the blooming talents to grow.

4. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir PutinTop 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

One of the uttermost charismatic personalities of the 21st century, he is one of the most searched people on Google. President of Russia since 2012 Mr. Putin was in the intelligence department of Russia for 16 years, making him the best-suited person for the presidential candidate of Russia. You can spot pictures of Russian president playing with sharks, one of the deadliest creatures of the sea. I am sure you can easily judge how fearless he is, continuing as a President of Russia for the second time now, he is making Russia economically and tactically stronger by every second that goes by.

5. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

Welcome to the Ellen show, even at the age of 60, still listed as the utmost well-known face. The world-famous American comedian has outstanding hosting skills she has picked up the check for Endowments like Primetime Emmys, Academy, and even Grammys. She doesn’t require her face to be famous even by her youthful voice she can do miracles. If you know Dory from Finding Nemo, you will be astonished to know that it was Ellen who dubbed for the vociferation of Dory, receiving Saturn trophy as Best Encouraging Actress for the same. She is a lesbian and in a relationship with sizzling Australian modeling star Portia De Rossi. Jealous? Who won’t be?

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

He always returns with a head-on, with his world famous phrase “I’ll be back”. Mr. Schwarzenegger needs no introduction to anyone, he’s solitary, maximum loved, handsome and fit people on this planet. Terminator star is 71 years old and still don’t wish to relinquish from his lavish career. He has been the Governor of State of California from 2003-2011, chairman of the Presidents board on Physical strength and athletics from 1990-1993. Loved by the Hotties of his era he’s eye candy for the girls at present as well. Mr. Olympia is so fit that there are statues of him posing and portraying as the Superman.

7. Bill Gates

Bill Gates Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

The richest man on Earth is a business tycoon and has a total worth of 9,550 crores USD. It is said that every second that goes by he’s adding more dollars to his net worth. Owner of the giant, Microsoft, has been the worlds richest man from a long time now, making the competition even stiffer for his competitors. Since his college days, he has been vibrant and possessed excellent business skills which definitely proved futile owing him the fruit of great success.

8. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

Steve Jobs left us all on October 5, 2011. The brilliant mind, fighter of the 21st century helped humans to take a leap in technology. Father of Apple, made sure that we get the best of the technology to use, innovating till his last breath he made sure that the computers we use so frequently these days will be in everyone’s reach. His hard work and skills are an example for that struggling in their career, even after he was thrown out from his own company he never lost hope and attained his position back in the organization. Wherever he is we are sure he will be happy seeing us using his creations.

9. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

Mark left his mark on the internet with Facebook, If you have not ever used Facebook you are surely not from this world. The popularity of Facebook grew as a plague, the most loved collective networking platform is loved by us all. Facebook helps us to stay associated with our friends and family. Mr. Zukerberg earned 5,550 crores USD from the social hobnob site, with his strategic skills he knows very well how to eliminate his competitors, purchasing Instagram and WhatsApp was a clear example of his wisdom.

10. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Top 10 Most Famous People Of 21st Century

With a zero figure and lips pouting, Angelina Jolie is a dream girl of her admirers, her sex appeal has no comparison to any other female on this globe, her style, and trend-setting traits are admired even by those who envy her. Angelina loves to travel around the world and her love for children can clearly be seen, as she adopted children from so many countries. She recently separated from Brad Pitt and now planning to try her luck in politics.