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How Can Video Marketing Help in Boosting the Start-up Business During the Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has hit companies around the world in unexpected ways. Billions of companies have suffered financial losses. Of all this, start-ups have been hit the hardest. To survive these difficult times, start-ups need to raise brand awareness and develop innovative marketing strategies.

There are several ways to do this. However, video marketing strategies are the most effective way to reach the general public. You can improve your company’s advertising and promotion strategies to give start-ups the boost they need to survive a pandemic.

It is forecasted that by 2024, almost 85% of all online traffic will likely be video-oriented. Today, video marketing is leading the way, and you can expect better customer loyalty and more adaptability from it for both B2B and B2C start-ups.

Ways Start-ups and New Businesses Can Incorporate Video Into Their Marketing Campaign

Why Video Marketing using an effective online video editor like Clipchamp  or Canva
makes for an essential choice.

1. Comfort Level


The general audience can relate to marketing videos that give us a sense of relationships, especially during these difficult pandemic times when being socially distant has become the norm.

2. Search engines love video

This is a great reason to start using video to start a business. Also, uploading videos to YouTube, social media platforms, and websites will greatly increase your chances of appearing in related searches.

3. Build consumer trust


The important thing is to show, not sell. When done correctly, your company or product can be presented in a real, cool way that helps build a relationship between your brand and the consumer.

4. Optimal ROI

Businesses, companies, and many start-ups believe that video marketing is a reasonable return on investment. This is neither free nor easy, but it provides the best return on your investment.

5. Powerful sales tool


Video can touch potential consumers at an emotional level. Your passion and enthusiasm for your products and services can be effectively communicated through a video experience. Video allows you to be invited to the viewer’s world and convey your message directly to the viewer.

6. Improve SERP ranking

By recording a video and adding an effective CTA to it, visitors can stay on the website longer. This increases visibility on your website builds credibility and allows search engines to see the scope of your products and services.

7. Video increases sales and conversions


Most importantly, video can make money for start-ups. Integrating your video into your site’s landing page will increase your conversions by a huge mark. It can put you up for sale right away.

8. Expand audience reach

As more companies get involved via email, blogs, and social media, it makes sense to find a way to survive the fierce competition. Creating marketing videos can be time-consuming, energy-consuming, and not guaranteed success, but it’s worth it.

9. Synchronize well with existing marketing methods


You can create a video for proper use, use video blogs, or create how-to videos that show different uses of your products and services to depict endless ways to boost your business.

10. Shareable

Promoting a video on a social media site can greatly increase your chances of being seen. Video is the most popular type of consumer content that brands display on social media.

11. Videos are a big and cost-effective investment


Landing page videos can dramatically increase conversion rates and influence visitors in making purchase decisions. Video marketers earn more qualified leads and increase brand awareness in a much cheaper and easier way. Due to technological breakthroughs, companies rely on online video marketing for their creative needs.

Step by step Procedure to Incorporate Video Into Marketing

Step 1 – Determine your goals to ensure that your videos get the results you want

Step 2 – Create various business videos and diversify your video marketing strategy to include promotional videos, DIY or how-to videos, and customer review vlogs. Spend your time finding the best online video editor for your different video production needs. This investment will pay off for increased sales in the next few days.

Step 3 – Check its purpose and target the concerns, questions, fears, or confusions your customer can have related to products, services, brands, or businesses. The content should be relevant to the context.

Step 4 – Start by creating a video for each product or service you offer. Video ad creation tools give you a professional touch to your videos. The idea should meet the needs and expectations of the general public. As a start-up, your marketing plan should be directed towards this.

Step 5 – Be original and genuine if you want to be viral. Stick to the format, stay genuine, and stay true to your company’s personality. If you don’t have a brand personality, now is the time to take it seriously.

Step 6 – Use your budget, and if your company is facing budget cuts, you can reduce your marketing spending for the rest of the year. You can create videos taking professional expertise and assistance from InVideo, as they are the best in the online market.

Step 7 – Curate your marketing videos for potential customers interested in your product or service, but the technical details are not clear. In such cases, the audience often relies on videos on the Internet. To maximize your video’s potential customers, make sure you not only upload it to your official website or social media but also send it to your mailing list.

Step 8 – Be mobile-friendly. During the lockdown period, about half of the total population is reading the latest news and social media information on their mobile devices. Make sure your video content is scalable and mobile-friendly. Consider the reality of the fastest download times and the easiest streaming services to use.

Step 9 – Add a video to your email marketing regime, which is one of the most effective ways to get your customer base into a product or service. It’s also a great opportunity to make your videos stand out in front of more people and improve your marketing strategy.

Step 10 – Use videos for direct sales by promoting your products and services. You can expect more purchases by letting your viewers spend more time on your company’s website.

Step 11- Dominate social media feeds like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Social media handles make the video more and more important. Videos take precedence over posting photos and texts, and you can use this feature to direct your efforts.

Step 12 – Rely on SEO for your video and invest your efforts in creating the ideal promotional video. You need to develop an SEO strategy by identifying the keyword and incorporating it into the title of the video. This will allow your video to appear on organic search engines and be immediately available to viewers without selecting paid ads.

Step 13 – Participate even when not selling. It is important to maintain a relationship with the audience and ensure that they do not forget your presence.


To wrap it up, video marketing is more feasible, cheaper, and more widely available. Technological advances and simple global dissemination ensure that video marketing helps small businesses and start-ups as it has a huge impact on human psychology and creativity.

This allows you to create great promotional videos at a low cost that will draw a lot of attention to your newly found business.  Identify your purpose and write down the story you want to tell your audience through the video. With this systematic plan, you can create high-impact videos without puncturing your pockets.