Bearing The Brunt Of COVID-19, Justin Bieber Postpones His ‘Changes’ Tour

Bearing The Brunt Of COVID-19, Justin Bieber Postpones His 'Changes' Tour

Considering the austerity of Cobid-19 pandemic, pop-star Justin Bieber has decided to postpone all currently scheduled 2024 dates for the ‘Changes’ tour.

Reportedly, the singer delayed the tour because he and his band, dancers and crew are not getting enough time to arrange such a great show due to the global scare of Coronavirus.

The 26-year-old shared this heart-breaking news from his social media handle. In his post, he explicitly said, “the health and safety of my fans, team, cast, and crew is the most important thing for me.”

Hoping that the bad time shall pass, Bieber wrote, “The world is a scary place but we will all figure this out together.”

Justin assured his fans that his time held on to these dates as long as they could. Now, everyone is left just with the hope to get rid of this Corona fear soon.

While winding his post, Bieber appealed his fans to be safe. “Be safe and I will hopefully see you soon,” he concluded.

According to a report, the 4-month long tour was scheduled to kick start on June 2, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV, USA and was supposed to end on September 29, 2024, in East Rutherford, NJ, USA.

His fans are definitely sad as the most-awaited tour of the singer is postponed for now. However, Justin had asked his fans to hold on to their tickets and assured them that each ticket will be honored as soon as the dates are rescheduled.

Although the new dates are not out yet, as per his post, information on rescheduled dates will be declared soon.

Well! don’t be disheartened because your favorite singer is bridging all the gap between you and him via social media. He has become super active on his social media handles to ensure that his 131 million fans are updated with his life. Allegedly, Bieber, along with his wife, is presently staying in his house in Canada.