Justin Bieber Shows Quarantined PDA For Wife Hailey

While the world is quarantined inside their home, the pop-sensation Justin Bieber is busy in PDA for his celebrity wife Hailey Baldwin. Recently, the singer took his social media account to share a hazy picture of Hailey resting in the bathtub.

Expressing his love for Hailey, Biber captioned the pictures as “Love you baby!” The Baby singer didn’t forget to take the photo courtesy, as he added further, “Photo taken by me.”

Reportedly, the couple has been social distancing in their Canada home amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the Corona pandemic is not stopping them from PDA. Rather, it seems that this isolation period has brought the couple even closer.

Seeing their social media profiles, we can surely say that the celebrity couple is making the best of this isolation period. While the two are spending more of their quarantine time loving each other, the couple is also keeping their fans updated by sharing each and every special moment via social media.

On the same day, the 26-year-old singer also shared a customized playlist of a few of his songs, naming it as “Couple Goals.”

The playlist includes five songs- “Come Around Me”, “Confirmation”, “Changes”, “That’s What Love Is” and “All Around Me” with a cozy featured picture of him and Hailey.