Deal With Covid-19 The Justin Way, ‘Stay At Home And Party’

Deal With Covid-19 The Justin Way, Stay At Home And Party
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Coronavirus is having a huge impact on films as well as concerts. The global pop sensation Justin Bieber will be on a 45-date long tour of North America in May. However, like everything else, Bieber’s tour is also bearing the brunt of Covid-16. Since the official authorities of all the infected countries have asked the masses to avoid mass gathering, the impact of this deadly virus can be seen in Beiber’s concert.

In an official tweet, Bridgestone Arena informed, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Justin Bieber concert at Nissan Stadium is being relocated to Bridgestone Arena.” For the ones who have already purchased the tickets, there is nothing to be worried about. “If you have purchased tickets already, you will receive an email from Ticketmaster with your new tickets,” they wrote.

This is not it, American Airlines Center also tweeted, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Justin Bieber concert at AT&T Stadium on June 27 is being relocated to America Airlines Center on Sunday, June 28.” full tweets

With these changes in the schedule, it seems that the ticket sales didn’t go as expected. While everyone was waiting for Beiber’s response on Covid-16 and its massive impact on his concerts, the singer has finally opened up. Last night, the superstar came live on Instagram to speak with his followers. However, the singer opted to not speak about the low sales of his concert. Rather, he chose to let his followers know how he is passing this rigorous time of staying home all the time.

He encouraged fans to stay home. But he being him, his encouraging words also cheered his followers to stay home and enjoy to the fullest.

Prior to him, other pop-stars like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga also connected with their followers via Instagram. While Swift posted an Instagram story to appeal to her followers to stay safe, Lady Gaga shared two back to back posts. In the first post, she wrote on the importance of the Global Singular Community. In another post, Gaga shared a cute picture with her dogs and told that she’s quarantined in her house.

Breaking the glass of seriousness, Justin uplifted his fans to have fun and stay happy in this time of social isolation. According to Justin the perfect solution to deal with quarantine is to “stay home and party”.

Justin said Stay At Home And Party
Justin Beiber Instagram

During his Instagram live, Beiber also told that he is trying to reach more and more people to know what’s going around the world.

“I’m just reaching out to different people so they can share their opinions and we can hear what’s going on in the world right now,” said the singer.

To add some fun, he also added the American entrepreneur Scott Samuel Scooter Braun to his Instagram live and asked him, “What insight can you tell people about what’s going on right now and what they can do to protect themselves?”

Scooter suggested people avoid social gatherings until the situation gets back to normal. Through Justin’s live video, he also appealed to the masses to maintain a distance even with their loved ones. He also advised Justin who has Lyme disease to be even more cautious.

Furthermore, Bieber spoke about the deadly disease and concluded the live conversation by saying, “stay quarantined, you guys stay safe.”

So instead of being sad, let’s pray for the people in pain and deal with Covid-19 the Justin Way.