Justin Bieber Floods His Instagram Feed With ‘Come Around Me’ Challenge

“Who else is quarantined and bored right now? 🙂 Im posting funny vids, to keep you entertained.” Well! it’s not us but your favorite Justin Bieber asking you. Yes, the pop-sensation has already been making efforts to keep his fans entertained during quarantine days. And now, he has started “Come Around Me” challenge to make sure that his fans are busy and happy.

The Despacito singer himself performed the challenge on his song “Come Around Me.” He shared a small video where he can be seen as slowly dancing on the song.

He captioned his video as, “Is this slow for me?”

This is not it, the Bieber is also reposting the best videos of his fans on Instagram. While the entire world is quarantined to deal with Novel Coronavirus, Bieber has flooded his Instagram feed with the videos of “Come Around Me” challenge.

Let us tell you that “Come Around Me” is a popular song from his recently released album Changes.

Here’s the song, have a look and share your own version of “Come Around Me.” Maybe you also lucky to get reposted on Justin’s Instagram.