Justin Bieber & Hailey Declare Billie Eilish As Their Favorite, Wear Her Merchandising

While showing his PDA for wife Hailey, Justin posted another picture with her. However, in this snapshot, Justin and his lady love are praising the pop-singer Billie Eilish.

Justin Bieber with wife Hailey Baldwin can be seen wearing hoodies from Billie Eilish merchandising collection. While posting their picture in Eilish’s merchandising the couple also declared the 18-year-old singer as their favorite.

Reacting to the love of Hailey and Justin, Eilish commented on his post as “OMG.” While Justin’s post garnered Millions of hearts on his post, Eilish’s comment alone got more than a hundred thousand likes.

Going ahead, she accepted the appreciation from the charming couple and shared the post on her Instagram story.

Let us tell you that it’s not just Justin appreciating Billie, she too equally appreciates Bieber for everything he has done in his life.

In the finale of Justin Bieber’s Documentary Episodes- Seasons, the 18 YO singer took a strong stand to support the 26-year-old singer.

Speaking on the issues that Justin has been through, Eilish clearly stated that Justin is doing better.
‘And that makes me so happy because I, like, care about him more than anyone in my life,’ she said in during her cameo in Seasons.

The major reason that the two singers connect so well together is the similar timelines of their careers. A year back, Justin shared his issues about fame, drug use and depression with his Insta fam.

Following the footsteps of his admirer, Billie too opened up about her struggles with body dysmorphia and mental Health issues, reports Rolling Stone.

Hence, seeing their social media posts and public addresses, we can say, more than their success the two singers are too relatable to each other in terms of their struggles with mental and physical illness, addiction, and fame.

Just like Justin, the Ocean Eyes singer too started her career at a very young age. While the Baby singer got his first break at the age of 13, Billie made her debut when she was just 15 and had all the similar issues that made Justin strong in his teenage.

Although Justin has faced a lot of criticism for all the experiments that he has done in teenage, the Grammy Award Winner, Billie, always supports him for dealing with it all.