How to Use Telegram without Phone Number?

Nowadays, staying in touch with each other has become more accessible due to the development of messengers. Telegram is one of the most popular international social media for free online communication. The messenger totals 500 million users worldwide. The popularity is explained by its high-speed and high-quality connection. Telegram users can call each other, send text and voice messages, share content (video, photos, and links), lead channels, and create group chats.

A Telegram account is bound to a phone. Thus, each user should specify his phone number. Below, we’re going to find out how to use Telegram without a phone number and mention the most effective alternative methods.

Understanding the Phone Number Verification Process


Note that according to the messenger’s privacy policy, each user must pass two-factor authentication by entering an SMS verification code sent to the entered phone. This measure is taken by the system to:

  • filter users and prevent scamming;
  • avoid the registration of fakes and bots;
  • guarantee that all users are real and eligible.

Yet, this issue has a reverse side. Being a treasury of user personal data, the messenger can become a target of intruders who want to get private info and use it for illegal purposes. Although Telegram guarantees the highest level of security and user data protection, modern hackers are very proficient to get access to any platform. This is why many users are afraid to indicate their real info. Thus, the issue of how to create Telegram without phone number is topical.

The use of a temporary number rented on specialized platforms allows for:

  1. Preventing user data theft or leakage and all the related illegal actions, such as blackmailing.
  2. Preserving your anonymity when browsing the Web.
  3. Creating more than one account. If you need a personal profile and a business account, you’ll face a problem since one mobile number is accepted for the registration of one profile.
  4. Access from restricted areas. If the messenger does not run in your geo-region, buying a foreign phone allows for passing registration without obstacle.

Connecting a virtual number is a secure way to bypass verification. Renting a fake online phone helps users surf the Internet securely without the fear of rights infringement and enjoy unlimited access to all functionalities.

Virtual Numbers: Using Temporary Phones


A temporary virtual phone implies that some users have free unused SIM cards and provide them for rent. Buyers, on the other side, rent them and use them as their own numbers. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to install Telegram without phone number:

  1. Download and install a mobile app.
  2. Sign up, entering your personal info. Enter a fake phone instead of your own one.
  3. A verification SMS will be sent to it.
  4. Open your account on the website of a service provider.
  5. Receive the SMS and confirm registration.

Proxy and VPN: Concealing Your Identity

Proxy servers and VPN connections help stay anonymous when surfing Web portals. For example, if you want to pretend a citizen of another state (for users from countries in which Telegram is not available), you should buy a foreign online phone and switch to a VPN connection of this state. Below, you’ll find out how to use fake number for Telegram and all the pitfalls.

Third-Party Services: Utilizing Alternative Authentication Methods

Specialized online portals come as an intermediary link in the chain. Their main purpose is to serve as a connective link between SIM card holders and buyers and ensure their smooth interaction. Benefits of using third-party services include:

  • 100% security and confidentiality;
  • guaranteed user data protection;
  • a wide range of offered numbers for any purpose;
  • a minimum list of the required information about clients;
  • affordable pricing.

SMSBower: Buying Virtual Numbers for Telegram


SMSBower is one such online service. The provider offers a wide range of phones from different countries around the world. So, if you need to buy virtual number for Telegram, visit the website

Here, favorable conditions for online number exchange are provided. Both sellers and buyers benefit from cooperation. The main advantages of being a client of SMSBower include:

  1. Over 260 locales worldwide. Phones of popular state operators are provided.
  2. Favorable pricing with affordable subscription costs.
  3. A loyalty program with bonuses and other privileges.
  4. A responsive user-friendly interface for handling and configuring phones.
  5. High speed of messaging.

If you want to learn how to get into Telegram without a phone number, using a fake method, follow the guide:

  1. Register a user profile on the SMSBower website.
  2. Look through the list of available states, operators, and numbers.
  3. Select the needed one and determine the number of purchases.
  4. Determine the period for which you need the phone.
  5. Study the price list and find out the cost of the needed services.
  6. Top up your balance and pay for the phone.

Enter your login on the SMSBower website and set up the number. Manage SMSs via the interface and enjoy communication in Telegram.

Privacy and Security Considerations


Yet, note that the use of fake numbers is not welcome by the Telegram privacy policy. Thus, by using an online phone, you should accept all the associated risks of being identified and banned. To secure yourself from being revealed, make sure to reinforce privacy settings.

Now, you know how to open Telegram without phone number. Although the activity is not accepted by the security policy of the messenger, it can secure users from hacking. Thus, the use of online phones guarantees secure and risk-free surfing on the Web. SMSBower comes as a trusted provider of virtual numbers at favorable conditions and an affordable cost.